October 1, 2014


It’s been awhile and over the past week I sat at my laptop knowing that I should write something, but nothing seemed genuine. I never want DearYouLoveEm to feel scripted, it needs to be real, authentic and well… me! The problem is that this week after coming out of hospital after some pretty hefty surgery (that’s a fun story for another time) I wasn’t feeling like me. So I didn’t write. 

Thankfully I am feeling more and more like myself now, but have nothing to report to you other than how incredibly wonderful it was to be back in my own bed and see my favourite bunny jumping towards me… Oh Oscar, you big cutie! Thankfully the world keeps on spinning and I found some things to keep your eyes (and your bellies) satisfied until I am back on the horse! 

1. Here are 52 Lists to help you find your spark - trust me, they work! 
2. Is this what we've come to? Time to put our phones down.
3. I have the biggest blog crush on these girls - its just beautiful 
4. I can’t wait to give this feature wall a go when I am feeling better.
5. Is your mouth watering? Well its about to! For those of you going into Autumn this soup is for you!

Please share any websites/news that you’ve found interesting this month! 

I love a good read!

September 22, 2014


If you follow me on instagram (@dearyouloveem) then you'll know that this week has been a different kind of wonderful. It certainly wasn't free from its downfalls but this week Dan and I fell in love with this tiny Mini Lop. He is only 7 weeks old and an absolute trouble maker, he will get in to anything even though we make all efforts to 'bunny proof' his room. Also, he eats everything and anything - in fact I am pretty sure that is all he does (just quietly I bet he got that from me...)

My favourite part is that he plays 'chase'. If you run away from him he'll just follow you around the room weaving in and out of your legs - its melt your heart adorable. On a side note it also means I've accidentally stepped on him a few too many times, but we will keep that our little secret!

Do you have an animal? Tell me stories! 

September 16, 2014


It's been a nightmare the past couple of days and I was going to embrace my inner negative Nancy until I realised there was no point. Don't get me wrong, I think sometimes you need to vent and let it all out, but sometimes (especially when you aren't in control of the bad things going on in your life) you need to ride the wave. 

On that note (smooth segue huh!) I wanted to share photos of a recent trip I took to the beach. I took this on the last day of Winter as Dan and I decided to grab a sneaky milkshake, some dumplings (weird but delicious combination, I assure you) and go for a walk along the sand. The trip was short, but our conversations were long and it was perfect. 

How are you going at the moment? 

September 12, 2014


I get told that I am a very bubbly person and to an extent I suppose I am, although it is so easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like you're loosing your spark in the midst of life as it trudges by. Whether it be inspiration for my blog, my photography, work or general everyday life here are a few things that help me bring back my ‘spark’ and I hope it may help you too! 

1/ Mix it up. 
If you usually listen to the radio on your way to work in the morning, why don’t you download a ‘Learn to speak Spanish’ CD and listen to that, if you usually get takeaway on Friday nights why don’t you dress up and go out and eat at the restaurant. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering but changing the little things can make a big difference. 

2/ Organise. 
Anyone that knows me will know that I have no right suggesting anyone else be organised when I hardly am myself but when I am in one of those slumps- I clean, and it helps (even though I certainly don’t feel in the mood for it initially). Clean your makeup brushes, re-organise your bookshelf, re-organise your wardrobe. Then look back at how much better it looks… feels good huh? 

3/ Give it back. 
Even though you may be feeling in the rottenest of moods, treating your significant other or someone else like a prince/princess for an evening may actually make you feel better. I know there is nothing better than telling Dan to sit down while I cook him dinner, not because I enjoy cooking, but because seeing his happy face and his grateful “oh Em, you spoil me!” makes me feel instantly like a million dollars.  Similarly, volunteering or donating to charity is a way to give back to those less fortunate and make you feel valuable and happier! 

4/ Write it down. 
If you’ve read my last post you’ll know I recently bought a journal in the efforts to document my struggles, wins, clear my mind and serve as a canvas to spill my thoughts onto. It puts things into perspective and can be really addictive. Sometimes I’ll be having one of those days, you know the ones, and I’ll think “ah I just can’t wait to write it all down”. It provides clarity without judgement and inspiration without boundaries. Go on, you know you want to! 

5/ Let yourself feel. 
We are going to dig deep with this one so bear with me. A few years ago I went through a terrible break up and I was miserable. Being the person I am, I kept finding distractions from the unhappiness I was feeling, which people kept telling me were a good thing and I suppose they were to an extent. The problem was that even though I was genuinely depressed I didn’t let myself cry or feel sad (even though I was) because I felt like then I would be letting him win. Yeah I know, I could probably slap my past self on the face right about now. This resulted in over a year of depression and losing my best friend who said “I just can’t deal with you being so sad anymore! I have my own things to worry about” Yeah, solid friendship. So the lesson? First, make sure you have genuine friends. Second, let yourself feel. If you’re angry, sad, worried, anxious, nervous - be. Don’t let it overwhelm you and try not to let it carry on for too long but facing your emotions is the first step to being able to overcome them. 

What keeps you inspired and makes you happy? 

Let me know! 

P.S I’ve also reached 500 followers on Bloglovin which makes me a very happy lady! 


September 10, 2014


My new book / Saturday adventures over Sydney Harbour Bridge/ Ice-Cream dates/ Natural make-up/ Afternoon Tea with my parents/ to-do list at work/ new shoes/ traffic/ Art Gallery of NSW  (all images from my instagram @dearyouloveem) 
Recently I have been so busy I feel like a headless chicken - the worst part is that I end up being completely unproductive and frustrated because I still have so much to do. Naturally, I went shopping (Hello retail therapy!) and bought myself a journal. Since then I have started becoming quite the list maker. Here is a little sneak peak into my life recently...  

Cooking: banana bread (recipe here). 
Drinking: hot chocolate. 
Reading: 'Paper Towns' by John Green. 
Wanting: a holiday somewhere tropical.
Looking: at the grey clouds outside (and its meant to be spring?)
Wasting: my lunch break online shopping... you know you do it! 
Wishing: I'll wake up one day and be organised. 
Enjoying: Dan's smile when I get to the front door after a long day at work 
Waiting: on the bunny adoption agency to get back to us about a rabbit we are after! Exciting! 
Loving: dumplings... get in my belly. 
Watching: the Bachelor. its so bad that its actually freaking amazing!
Hoping: the hospital won't be as lonely as I imagine 
Needing: time 
Smelling: 'Alien' - Thierry Mugler
Wearing: superhero leggings and Dan's jumper
Noticing: how the weather has improved whilst I've been writing this post. Very cool! 

What are you up to this week? 

Let me know!