July 27, 2014


I woke up bright and early this morning because I desperately wanted to write this post up- I think its actually becoming one of my favourite things to do on Sundays. There is something really refreshing about reflecting on the week thats been and celebrating the little joys that have made you happy. So without further ado here are the things that made me smile this week: 

1/ Planning upcoming posts - there are so many exciting travel ones coming up that I can't wait for you to see! 

2/ Grabbing the last car spot in the morning near my office so I don't have to walk an extra 15 minutes to the office. Not lazy, just efficient… right? 

3/ Chinese takeaway 

4/ Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) - who knew that being in a room with people and getting sweaty while doing stretches would be so enjoyable? Answer: Not Me. Then I did it, and my goodness it made me feel mentally and physically better for the next 24 hours or so. Come at me sweaty yoga, lets make this a weekly thing. 

5/ Catching up with friends who you haven't seen in years- my cheeks still hurt from all the smiling and laughter. 

What's made you happy this week? 

July 25, 2014


 Since finishing University I have found reading such a novelty, the feeling that after so many years of education I now get to read for pleasure and not get tested on it is truly wonderful. Although truth be told I am not an avid reader, I really wish I was though- I tend to go through periods where I buy a pile of books that have been recommended to me through friends and then life gets in the way again and the pile of books end up unread and under my bed, on the floor, on the bookshelf… you get the idea. 

This month I have tried to hop back into reading by keeping it interesting and mixing it up with novels, cookbooks and magazines and I think you love all of them. But seriously… they are amazing.

1. The Fault in Our Stars  - Okay, I know I am starting with the one that everyone and their mum has read, but there is a reason everyone is reading it- it's great! In fact, this is the book I read entirely on my iPhone 5S when i went travelling throughout Europe because my kindle broke and well, I couldn't wait till I got to an English speaking country to find it. We all know how ridiculously tiny the iPhone screens are but I did it - and what a tremendous feeling when I finished. Woooah. The book is a really honest and inspiring look at cancer and life in general, it puts everything into perspective without trying to put a happiness spin on it like hollywood seems to always do these days  … I won't give too much away but read it, or watch the movie. You'll fall in love. 

2. Nourish - This is Lorna Jane Clarkson's newest cookbook filled with over 120 recipes that encourage healthy living. Being a foodie myself I have always thought that eating healthy would mean eating salads and vegetables every meal grooooan- I honestly couldn't think of anything more boring. I hate routine when it comes to food, and this book is the first healthy recipe book that tells you not to diet, not to go to the extremes but to eat tasty, exciting dishes that will fuel your body with energy and nourish yourself. I am going to try the green smoothie this weekend so I'll let you know how I go… 

3. We Need To Talk About Kevin - This story is told through a series of letters written by Kevin's mother to her husband in an attempt to come to terms with her son's decision to massacre a group of fellow high school students. This book is not a lighthearted read - it is very dark and morbid but it does make you question mental illness and the whole nature vs nurture debate and certainly is a great read if you don't mind getting through the nitty gritty parts.  

4. Frankie Magazine - Frankie is a bi-monthly Australian magazine featuring bits and pieces of music, art, photography, craft… the list goes on. Personally, I will be the first to say I am sick of trashy magazines out there telling you "10 ways to be sexier in the bedroom" or "5 things to make him love you more" oh please- the stuff they come up with is absolute rubbish sometimes so its nice to see a magazine do it differently. Frankie understands that sex sells- but it doesn't want to help you in the bedroom, and there won't be any half naked celebrities on the cover either (sorry if that's what gets you going) . Instead they have creative (and downright beautiful) illustrations on the cover and throughout the magazine and their content is educational and so down to earth its practically comedic. If you haven't given it a go- I would highly recommend it. 

What've you been reading recently? 

I absolutely love recommendations so please let me know down below! 

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July 19, 2014


This week has gone by so quickly I really don't know where the time has gone! The past week I have really enjoyed starting my new job and getting settled into the early morning routine (no, no that's a lie- I still hate early mornings, but I enjoy feeling accomplished at midday by everything I have already done that day). I also joined the gym this week- that is a whole other store for another day, but we will see how that goes, thankfully one of my best friends is going to join me in tackling Bikram Yoga… it'll be interesting that's for sure. Then this weekend has really been a whole lot of nothing which is exactly what I needed- I had lunch with friends, cleaned the house, did the laundry and am getting myself psyched for another week of early mornings and uncomfortable business attire (I wish business attire meant uggboots and trackies…). Although to end on a bang, here is a little list of happy things that've kept me going this week:

 Fresh Flowers
Apple Crumble and Ice-cream 
Watching Vampire Diaries 
Glasshouse Vanilla Candle 
Bath time 
Bright nail polish  
Getting the hang of my new job (slowly but surely) 
Red Wine 
Fresh Bed Sheets. 

What's been making you happy lately?

July 12, 2014


Arriving at the beautiful Island, I was delighted (and a bit nervous) to do the thing I had heard so much about - donkey rides up the mountain! I honestly thought it would be a 'Sisters of the Travelling Pants' movie moment but it really wasn't, it was all very touristy but I still enjoyed it. My donkey and I bonded over his very feisty temperament (much like mine) and the highlight was the moment he decided half way up the mountain that he wanted to go back, so he turned around and started going back down the hill past my group. Wonderful - it really was 5 Euros well spent.

The sea really is as blue, and the buildings as beautiful, as you see in all the movies/advertisements/photos of this place. We caught a bus up to the top of Santorini to Oia (warningapparently the Greek definition of 'full capacity' is how ever many people can fit onto a bus with the doors closed. not necessarily the most comfortable 45 minute bus ride of my life, but hey, you do what you can do right?) and a little walk later we found ourselves looking out over this beautiful cliff! Every corner of the island really looks so picturesque it's crazy!

So naturally we took some sneaky couple shots ;)
Then it was finally time for some food! This restaurant wasn't too pricey but the view from the restaurant is insane and the food is absolutely delicious. My belly was very very happy afterwards! 
 The Yellow Donkey is a traditional Greek beer (and although this wasn't mine) I just loved the sticker on the bottle as it reminded me of my little donkey trudging up the mountain earlier that day! 
 This was delicious - it was almost like a Greek version of brushetta but on really crunchy dry bread and feta on top. Mmmhmm! It makes me hungry just thinking about it! 
 Note: the sign on the bottom right of this picture… rent a cat? Interesting. 
 There are certainly plenty and plenty of stairs and walking to do around the island but every corner of Santorini is beautiful and the view definitely helped me keep going when I started to feel tired (and very hot thanks to the jeans I was wearing that day- bad choice Emily, bad choice!). 

 After some more walking and taking those touristy shots we decided to head back into town for some ice cream to cool us down! 
 note: the post it note on the bottom left hand corner of the picture- how friendly! 

Honestly the best way to finish up such a wonderful day on the island, I definitely want to go back there again sometime and explore more areas but it definitely whet my appetite and gave me an idea of what the whole place is like. 

Have you been to Santorini? 

What did you think?

July 9, 2014


Watch: ASOS
Earrings: Witchery
Shirt: Sportsgirl
Bag: Witchery
Lipstick: BeautyBay
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Portmans
Even though its cold at the moment (which makes sense because we are currently in the middle of Winter here in Australia) the weather has been beyond beautiful recently! For the past two weeks the sky has been clear blue and the sun is out doing its darn hardest to keep us warm (even though it is still pretty cold for us right now, around 15°-20°C during the day). Regardless, all this wonderful weather is a bit lost when you spend your days working in an office but have no fear these little items are sure to pop a bit of pastel/spring themed inspiration back into your wardrobe keeping us going until Spring time. 

My absolute favourite piece is the Olivia Burton watch, it is such a classic and timely piece I have had my eyes on her watched for ages and ages and ages but just haven't been able to commit yet. I will let you know if I ever go ahead with it - she has so many different styles to choose from if you do feel inclined go check them out here.

What are your favourite items at the moment to keep you going through the colder months? 

Speak Soon!